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Introducing BRASH
Brash is a recoding of the Bourne Shell for windows using threads instead of "forked" processes. It includes .diff, .ls, .cut, and .expand as builtin commands. The command, .regexp, implements the basics of grep, sed, and nl.
Basically, you get the key tools needed for bourne shell scripting in a single executable.
You also get the source code, so you can create your own builtin commands. See brash/brashBuiltins.cxx.
Somewhere between the Bourne Shell and GNU Bash, brash is designed for use on MS Windows by software developers who think in the bourne script langauge.
Easy To Install
Brash is a single .exe file, just click the brash.exe link on the download page and your done. Though, you will probably want to also graph the documentation and the .brashrc file to make your life easier.
On Programming
Computer related topics
Download My Portable C++ toolkit
This toolkit includes portable templates, source for a text editor, a C++ program parser that finds symbols, classes, etc.
C++ glob
A filename pattern expander library function written in C++
Download my easy string formatting code
Sformat() is a quick an easy way to convert any C++ data type that has an operator<< into a string. Further, it is QUICK. On linux it is about 1.5 times slower than sprintf. On Windows its about twice as slow. This may seem bad -- until you try writing the code yourself!
Download my boost-meta-programming rip-off
The classTraits.h file defines many of the same basic ideas that you find in the boost type traits headers. Though not as many and not as difficult to understand as boost. Those guys are all geniuses but boost is a mess. Portability is likely the culprit though.
gmake 3.80
Note: slightly changed from official gnu source to make it work better with cygwin. It makes bash be the official shell, not windows.