Differences between Brash and the Bourne and GNU Bash Shells

Version 1.1.27 lacks or limits the following bash features:

Here are some other diferences

  1. Brash has different builtin functions. Use the command builtins to get a list.
  2. Brash reads ~/.brashrc not ~/.bashrc. ~ will be the same as $HOME which will be the same as $USERPROFILE.
  3. The final stage of a pipe command is executed in the current shell environment, not in a sub-shell. Usually this will only be beneficial, but if the final stage polutes your environment, you will have to remember to put the commands in parenthesis.
  4. Brash pre-defines the following variables: BRASH_DIR_SEPARATOR=\ BRASH_HOSTNAME=BOGLOWES99 BRASH_OS=MSWindows BRASH_PATH_SEPARATOR=; BRASH_PIPE_DEPTH=1 BRASH_SHELL=c:\users\lowell\bin\brash.exe BRASH_SYSROOT=C:\ BRASH_THREAD_COUNT=20 BRASH_USER=lboggs57 BRASH_USER_HOME=c:\Users\lowell BRASH_VERSION=01.01.33